Fundraiser FAQ’s

Do I have to have a nonprofit tax id number to host a clothing drive?

Yes, all fundraising partners must have a non-profit tax id number.

How long does a clothing drive last?

We recommend you run your clothing drive for 1-2 weeks, but we encourage you to begin advertising your drive a few weeks before you actually start collecting.

Can we collect items other than clothing for donation?

Our Fundraising program is only able to pay for the cloth items that you collect. You may also choose to collect small housewares (books, dishes, knick-knacks), however if you choose to collect small housewares you will be responsible for separating these items from the clothing prior to pickup. If you decide to collect small housewares please make sure you inform your fundraising coordinator prior to beginning your clothing drive.

Do you provide receipts for the donations we collect?

Because you are profiting from the donations, receipts must be in your organizations name with your tax id. Use our receipt template to generate your own receipts for your fundraiser if you choose to provide receipts.

Will you pick up donations on the weekend?

No, we are only able to pickup Monday-Friday.

How much clothing do I need to meet my fundraising goal?

Use our Goal Calculator to determine approximately how many bags of clothing you will need to collect to reach your goal.

Will you pick up more than once, or before our end date?

The Arc will only come to pick up at the end of your clothing drive. Because we are only able to pick up at the end, it is important that you have a storage plan for all of the donations you collect.

Does it cost any money to host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser with The Arc?

No, you don’t have to pay anything to host a Fundraiser.

When will we be paid?

After you have finished your clothing drive, you are guaranteed to receive a check within 30 days. However we do our best to have it in the mail within a few days of the drives end date.

*Have a fundraising question that wasn’t answered here? Email us and we will get back with you ASAP!

Fundraiser Questions