Award Nomination Form

  • Lifetime Achievement  Award         Over the course of their career, this individual has been an example of excellence in the disability field, through leadership, innovation and dedication.
  • Professional of the Year      Individual(s) who have given outstanding service to or on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Volunteer of the Year           An individual who has given an extraordinary commitment of time and energy through services as a volunteer.
  • Organization of the Year     A category of individuals or an organization which deserves recognition for service to children or adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (Groups so recognized have included foster parents, religious educators, case managers, etc.).
  • Educator of the Year            An exceptional educator who has made a positive influence either on his/her students or in the field of education.
  • Employer of the Year           A business or corporation who has made an exemplary commitment in the field of employment for people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Care Provider of the Year        A provider of high quality care who has provided a comfortable and nurturing home for an individual who has intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Award Nomination
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